External Meetings: Meeting with Coalition for Derivative End Users

Participants discussed Commission proposal on Uncleared Margin.
V. Capital & Margin

CFTC Staff
Tim Massad, Jeffrey Bandman, Clark Ogilvie, Lawranne Stewart, Ward P. Griffin
Luke Zubrod (Chatham Financial), Kelli McMorrow (Financial Executives International), Jeff Sands (Agricultural Retailers Association), Michael Bopp (Gibson Dunn), Jeff Steiner (Gibson Dunn), im Colby (Honeywell International), Stacey Bernards (Honeywell International), Easwaran Venkatasubramanian (IBM Corporation), Mark Barber (General Electric Company), Renuka Gupta (General Electric Company), Tom Deas (FMC Corporation and National Association of Corporate Treasurers), Vincent Johnson (BP), Jim Harshaw (General Motors), J.T. Young (Ford), Krister Holladay (UTC), Tara Hairston (Honda), Steve Kapner (Time Warner), Richard Crawford (MillerCoors), Jess Sharp (U.S. Chamber of Commerce), Christina Crooks (National Association of Manufacturers), Mike Ryan (Business Roundtable)
Coalition for Derivative End Users