Release: 5529-08
For Release: August 1, 2008

U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to Hold International Market Surveillance Conference, August 5-7, 2008

CFTC to Host International Regulators at Conference

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) will host its first ever market surveillance conference for international regulators August 5-7, 2008 in Washington, DC.

Senior regulatory officials from nine jurisdictions, including leading emerging market jurisdictions such as India and China, will discuss key elements of futures trading oversight, including market and financial surveillance. In addition to highlighting the CFTC’s large trader reporting system, the CFTC will share new surveillance techniques and information about how to design futures contracts that are not susceptible to manipulation.

“This is a critical time for futures regulators around the world,” said CFTC Acting Chairman Walt Lukken. “During this time of volatile and global futures markets it is ever so important that regulators share surveillance approaches, enhance cooperation and coordinate market oversight.”

“This three-day program is designed to share best practices for market monitoring and strengthens partnerships with our overseas counterparts,” said CFTC’s Director of International Affairs Jacqueline Mesa. “Regulators around the world share the same goals to ensure market integrity and customer protections. Building on these shared goals, the CFTC will explain necessary tools and techniques to stop abuses and address them in real-time.”

This conference is for international futures regulators only and is not open to the public.

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