Commissioner Stump to Participate in a Fireside Chat at the Chamber of Digital Commerce
Commissioner Stump to Participate in D.C. Bar Fireside Chat
Commissioner Stump to Keynote at FIA Expo 2021
Commissioner Stump to Speak on at a Panel a MarketWatch Investing in Crypto Event Series
The Global Markets Advisory Committee Will Meet on October 25
Meeting to hear presentations and provide dialogue on matters related to the U.S. Treasury market which, given market interconnections, is vitally important to the proper functioning of the derivatives markets overseen by the CFTC. In that regard, the GMAC will hear presentations regarding the recent stresses in the U.S. Treasury market and proposals for Treasury market reforms to mitigate against future stresses. The GMAC will also hear presentations related to the implementation of recent Dodd-Frank Act reforms, including issues related to (1) swap data reporting; (2) uncleared margin; and (3) swap dealer capital substituted compliance. Full details, including agenda, here.  
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Commissioner Stump to Participate on a Panel at New York Law School Event
CFTC’s Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee to Meet September 15
Meeting to discuss how the derivatives markets can facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy, including the status of carbon reduction through cap-and-trade and other carbon trading market mechanisms. The discussion at the June 3rd meeting included a proposal to form an EEMAC subcommittee to provide a report to the EEMAC on guiding principles for the design of the derivatives and underlying cash markets for environmental products, such as carbon allowances and offsets, that are used to address greenhouse gas emissions. At this meeting, the EEMAC will further discuss this proposal and vote whether to recommend that the Commission approve the formation of a subcommittee. Full details, including agenda, here.
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