Season 2

CFTC Talks covers all topics and areas impacting the markets the agency regulates.

The Effect of Capital Rules on Derivatives Markets
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CFTC staff from the Office of Chief Economist discuss the effect that capital rules have had on the competitive landscape of derivatives clearing. Staff studied the multiple effects of capital rules across different asset classes and different clearing member groups. The evidence suggests that the leverage ratio requirement has pushed derivative clearing activities to less constrained institutions and market segments. Search terms: CFTC, Office of the Chief Economist, Derivatives Clearing, Margin, Leverage Ratio, US Treasury Futures and Options, S&P 500 Futures and Options, Capital Rules
Duration: 11:46
Credit Derivatives
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This episode discusses “opportunistic strategies,” or more commonly known as “manufactured credit events in the credit derivatives markets”. CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo, CFTC Division Directors and senior analysts discuss the impact of these events in the credit derivatives markets. 
Duration: 15:29
A View into the WTI Crude Oil Derivatives Market Structure
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This podcast discusses various aspects of the crude oil derivative market. It includes a summary of topics discussed at the April 2019 Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee meeting and brings together all derivatives across futures markets and swaps. This episode also views the overall size of the WTI Crude Oil Derivatives market and the various commercial and noncommercial participants and their engagement in this important marketplace.
Duration: 17:11