Derivative Clearing Organizations (DCO) : 16767

Organization: CX Clearinghouse, L.P.

Status: Registered

Date: 2010-04-20 00:00:00

Remarks: Formerly known as Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P.; registered by Commission order; permitted to clear fully collateralized futures, options on futures, and swaps for which there is an underlying commodity, as such term is defined under Section 1a(9) of the Act, traded on CX Futures Exchange.

Associated Documents
Superseded Order of DCO Registration-Cantor Clearinghouse 4-20-2010
Superseded DCO Order of Registration-Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P. 2-11-2013
Current Order of Registration as a DCO-CX Clearinghouse, L.P. 8-3-2018
CX Clearinghouse, L.P. No-Action Relief Letter 21-13