Search Tips

Search Tips

This page introduces search concepts and describes techniques that produce more efficient search results. These tips will produce more accurate results from your search.

• Search is not case sensitive.

• The search term is bold in each result presented.

• Search ignores common words and characters (i.e., who, where and how) when used in conjunction with other search terms. Searching for the term who only will return relevant search results.

• Search will suggest an alternate spelling of terms after you choose Search.


• The CFTC website search supports Boolean search.

♦ To search for more than one word, use the plus symbol. (Example: commitment + traders)


♦ To search for a phrase that does not include certain words, use the minus symbol. (Example: traders –commitment)


♦ To search for an exact phrase match, put quotation marks around the phrase. (Example: “fraud awareness”)


♦ To expand your search, use the word or. (Example: cftc or “commodity futures”)



    Search for your term or phrase then select the subject matter area using the drop down arrow. Your search will be limited to the defined subject area or you can leave the default search area to search the entire CFTC website.

    Related Terms

    Words or phrases that may be helpful will display on the search results page. These related terms are based on the search words you provided in the search field. You may choose to select a link from Related Terms or ignore them.