Concurrence of Commissioner Jill E. Sommers on Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P., Order of Registration as a Derivatives Clearing Organization

April 20, 2010

I concur with the staff recommendation to issue this order registering Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P. as a Derivatives Clearing Organization (DCO) on the basis that Cantor has, subject to the terms and conditions specified in the order, demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the CEA and Commission regulations applicable to the registration of DCOs. One of the conditions of the order is prior Commission approval of any contract be cleared. For the reasons given in my April 16, 2010 statement accompanying the approval of Media Derivatives, Inc. as a Designated Contract Market (DCM), and today’s approval of Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P. as a DCM, I expect a thorough review of each and every class of contract to be listed and cleared prior to approval.

Last Updated: June 14, 2010