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Statement of Commissioner J. Christopher Giancarlo, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Amendments to Swap Data Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements for Cleared Swaps

August 19, 2015

I support the issuance of the proposed rules to amend the cleared swaps data reporting provisions. I have been a consistent supporter of the swap data reporting reforms in the Dodd-Frank Act to provide regulators with increased transparency into the swaps market. Getting the reporting rules right is critical to provide regulators with the information they need to better understand and oversee these highly dynamic markets.

Today’s proposal demonstrates that the Commission can revisit Dodd-Frank rulesets and make needed adjustments based on its implementation experience over the past few years. I urge the Commission to take this same approach with other rulesets, including several of its swaps trading rules, to optimize the CFTC’s swaps regulatory framework in light of the challenges of liquidity formation and market fragmentation that have grown since initial implementation.

Although today’s proposal only addresses a small subset of the issues raised in the 2014 request for comment on the Review of Swap Data Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements,1 it is an important first step. I hope that the Commission tackles the other swap data reporting issues raised in the 2014 request for comment in the near future.

I commend CFTC staff, especially the Division of Market Oversight staff, for their efforts on this proposal. I look forward to reviewing well-considered, responsive and informative comments from the public.

1 Review of Swap Data Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements, 79 FR 16689 (Mar. 26, 2014).

Last Updated: August 19, 2015