December 18, 2015

CFTC Approves Final Rule on Records of Commodity Interest and Related Cash or Forward Transactions

Washington, DC — The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission today unanimously approved a final rule to amend Commission Regulation 1.35(a) relating to recordkeeping obligations for certain market participants.

These amendments to Regulation 1.35(a) decrease regulatory burdens on affected market participants by excluding certain types of those participants from aspects of the rule’s written and oral recordkeeping requirements. The final rule also clarifies the requirements governing the form and manner in which records must be kept. Lastly, the final rule reorganizes the rule text to provide affected market participants with greater clarity regarding their recordkeeping obligations under the rule.

This final rule furthers the Commission’s ongoing effort to refine its regulations to better balance the regulatory burdens on market participants, particularly commercial end-users, with the principles of market integrity and customer protection.

Last Updated: December 18, 2015