Release Number 6997-14

September 10, 2014

OTC Derivatives Regulators Issue Report to the G20

Washington, DC — The Over-the-Counter (OTC) Derivatives Regulators Group (ODRG), which is made up of authorities with responsibility for the regulation of OTC derivatives markets in Australia, Brazil, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, Ontario, Quebec, Singapore, Switzerland, and the United States, issued a report today that provides an update to the G20 on further progress in resolving OTC derivatives cross-border implementation issues and identifies a cross-border issue that may call for legislative change.

The ODRG provided an update regarding two areas in which it is working to develop approaches to address cross-border issues: (i) potential gaps and duplications in the treatment of branches and affiliates; and (ii) treatment of organized trading platforms and implementation of the G20 trading commitment.

The report also addressed four areas in which it was working to implement understandings reached previously: (i) equivalence and substituted compliance; (ii) clearing determinations; (iii) risk mitigation techniques for non-centrally cleared derivatives transactions (margin); and (iv) data in trade repositories and barriers to reporting to trade repositories.

The ODRG anticipates that it will submit its next report in preparation for the G20 Leaders Summit in November 2014.

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Last Updated: September 10, 2014