Appendix 3. The Commission and the Industry We Regulate
Industry Growth in Volume, Globalization and Complexity

In a marketplace driven by change, it may be helpful to look back at industry and CFTC trends over the past few years.  The charts that follow reflect many of those changes affecting the CFTC:

  • Industry growth versus staff growth;
  • Estimated annual swap volume;
  • Growth in actively traded futures and option contracts;
  • Notional value of futures/option open contracts;
  • Notional value of exchange-traded and OTC contracts;
  • Amount of customer funds held at futures commission merchants;
  • Aggregate sum of house origin margin on deposit;
  • Number of registrants;
  • Contract markets designated by the CFTC;
  • Number of derivatives clearing organizations registered with the CFTC;
  • Exempt commercial markets; and
  • Exempt boards of trade.