Overview of the FY 2014 Budget & Performance Plan
Statement of Availability on Basis of Appropriation by Program

Summary of FY 2012 to FY 2014 Statement of Availability on Appropriation by Program
Dollars in Thousands
  FY 2012
FY 2013
FY 2013
FY 2014
Salaries and Expenses $150,294 $206,550 $308,000 $315,000
Information Technology 55,000 55,000 0 0
Total Appropriation or Budget $205,294 $206,550 $308,000 $315,000

1 Salaries and Expenses: The Salaries and Expenses appropriation provides funding for all CEA-related activities. This includes funding for all federal staff salaries and benefits, leasing of facilities, travel, training, and general operations of the Commission. It also includes funding for information technology (as described below) in FY 2013 and 2014.

Information Technology: The Information Technology appropriation provides funding for information technology investments. This includes hardware, software, contractor support, and other related information technology requirements. (back to text)