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RELEASE: pr5223-06

  • Release: 5223-06

    For Release: August 30, 2006

    CFTC Staff Allows Mexican Derivatives Exchange’s Futures Contract Based on the Mexican Stock Exchange’s IPC Index to Be Offered and Sold in the United States

    Washington, D.C. – The Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC's) Office of General Counsel issued a no-action letter on August 24, 2006, permitting the offer and sale in the United States of the Mexican Derivatives Exchange’s (MexDer’s) futures contract based on the Mexican Stock Exchange’s Price and Quotation Index (IPC).

    The IPC is a broad-based, market-capitalization-weighted composite security index of highly capitalized and actively traded stocks currently listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange. Based on data supplied by MexDer, the total market capitalization of the IPC was approximately US$ 155.6 billion as of August 30, 2005.

    For information on foreign exchange-traded security index futures contracts pending no-action approval with the CFTC's OGC, see the Foreign Instrument Approvals & Exemptions Backgrounder at

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