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Energy & Environmental Markets Advisory Committee

  • Members of the Energy and Environmental Markets Advisory Committee as of January 26, 2015




    James C. Allison


    Manager, Corporate Studies and Initiatives

    Michael Cosgrove

    Vectra Capital


    Bryan T. Durkin

    CME Group

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Benjamin R. Jackson

    ICE Futures U.S.

    President & Chief Operating Officer

    William F. McCoy

    Futures Industry Association

    Law & Compliance Division Executive Committee Member

    Mac McFarland


    Chief Executive Officer

    Lopa Parikh

    Edison Electric Institute

    Director of Federal Regulatory Affairs for Energy Supply

    Tyson T. Slocum

    Public Citizen

    Director, Energy Program

    Dena E. Wiggins

    Natural Gas Supply Association

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    EEMAC Associate Membership List

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