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Keeping Pace with Change:

Table Of Contents
Themes & Priorities for 2007-2012

The Commission has identified the following strategic themes1 and priorities, which will serve as key indicators of its success in its effort to keep pace with the many changes affecting the futures and option markets:

Strategic Themes:

  1. Strategic Theme 1: CFTC must act in real time to address how the markets are functioning and evolving.
  2. Strategic Theme 2: CFTC must influence international approaches to overseeing/regulating the global commodity markets.
  3. Strategic Theme 3: CFTC must effectively direct Commission resources to achieve its mission.
  4. Strategic Theme 4: CFTC must employ best practices in business management.
  5. Strategic Theme 5: CFTC must employ an assertive external communication and outreach program to articulate CFTC mission and strategic goals to inform legislative/regulatory policy.

1 The priorities listed herein are also referred to as “general goals,” which are described in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-11 as those that allow a future assessment to be made on whether or not the goals were or are being achieved.(back to text)