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Completeness and Reliability of Performance Data

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The Commission understands the ongoing importance of having appropriate controls in place to ensure the completeness and reliability of performance information. The CFTC views this process as an evolutionary one, with improvements developing as budget, time, and expertise will allow. In recent years, the CFTC developed and put into place a new strategic plan, providing an opportunity for how the Commission approaches the verification and validation of the performance measures within.

During FY 2012, the Strategic and Operational Planning team developed a comprehensive Performance Data Verification and Validation Checklist based on OMB guidance [Circular A-11 (2012)]. The checklist was shared with appropriate division and office staff as a structured method of self-evaluation with regards to the controls to be in place when collecting and reporting performance information. It can be used as a tool for each division and office to assess their level of internal controls as it pertains to performance information. As the Commission's measurement and analysis maturity model progresses over time, especially with a new strategic planning cycle already underway, it will be more important that a culture for robust internal controls around performance information activity be in place at the CFTC.


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