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The FY 2011 APR provides an overview of CFTC's performance results relative to its mission in order to help Congress, the President, and the public assess CFTC's stewardship over the financial resources entrusted to us. The report is organized by strategic goal and performance measure, and provides detail on how each contributes to the Commission's overall mission. wport provides information about our performance as an organization, our achievements, and our challenges.

The FY 2011 APR meets a variety of reporting requirements stemming from numerous laws focusing on improved accountability among Federal agencies and guidance described in OMB Circulars A-11 and A-136.

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Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Business Management and Planning Branch
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1155 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20581

The Commission's annual reporting includes the following three components:

Agency Financial Report (AFR)

Available November 2011. A report on agency end of year financial position that includes, but is not limited to, financial statements, notes to the financial statements, and a report of the independent auditors.

Annual Performance Report (APR)

Available February 2012. The APR is a report on agency performance that is delivered to Congress with the Congressional Budget Justification in February. The APR contains information on the agency's progress to achieve goals during the previous year.

Summary of Performance and
Financial Information (SPFI)

Available February 2012. This document provides an integrated overview of performance and financial information that integrate significant aspects of the AFR and the APR into a user-friendly consolidated format.

When complete, these reports are available on the Commission's website at:


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