Commission Orders and Other Actions Regarding DCOs

Order of Registration as a DCO
AE Rules
AE Clearinghouse Terms, Conditions, and Procedures
AE Rules of Products and Electronic Services
AE Omniglossary

Clearing Corp Phase I Order
Clearing Corp Phase I Part 190 Interpretation
Letter of Request
Link Description
Proposed TCC Rules (redline)
Link Clearing Agreement
Clearing Link Services Agreement
Draft Eurex US Bulletin re: spread credits
Eurex Clearing Rules

Comments Received:
Lehman Brothers
TCC Response to CBOT
CBOT Response to TCC

Clearing by CME of OTC Contracts (March 3, 2006); CME submissions (Initial, supplemental).

Treatment of Customer Funds Held in Connection with Products Traded on MEFF and Cleared by CME
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Registration of LCH as a DCO
Amended DCO Order
Request to Amend DCO Registration Order
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix D

Comments received:
CME Comment Letter on LCH
LCH Response

Registration of OCC as a DCO

Order Permitting Segregated Funds Treatment of NYMEX Europe Transactions (9/6/05); NYMEX Submissions (NYMEX Request; NYMEX Europe Rules; NYMEX Clearing Rule Amendments; Clearing Cycle Table

Clearing by NYMEX of OTC Contracts (February 10, 2004); NYMEX Request for Amendment of CFTC Orders

Clearing by NYMEX of OTC Contracts (May 30, 2002); NYMEX submissions (letter, rules, explanation, safeguards)