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FY 2010 Highlights & Resources at a Glance

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Resources at a Glance

Resources at a Glance
Fiscal Year Outcomes
2006 $93 Million Actual Obligations — Increased Staff by 6
2007 $98 Million Actual Obligations — Decreased Staff by 56
2008 $111 Million Actual Obligations — Increased Staff by 12
2009 $146 Million Actual Obligations — Increased Staff by 49
2010 $168 Million Actual Obligations — Increased Staff by 107

CFTC Staffing

Workforce 5-Year Staffing Trends
Fiscal Year FTE
2006 493
2007 437
2008 449
2009 498
2010 605

11-Year Staffing Trends
Fiscal Year FTE
2000 556
2001 546
2002 488
2003 521
2004 517
2005 487
2006 493
2007 4371
2008 449
2009 498
2010 6052
1 In FY 2007, CFTC had 437 FTEs which was a historic low. (back to text)
2 Staffing is climbing back from historic lows. In FY 2010, CFTC had 605 FTEs (682 on-board). (back to text)

Acquisition of Additional Office Space

In FY 2010, the Commission invested $13 million or eight percent of its resources to meet the increased demand for office space to house new employees at each of its locations. This effort is required to accommodate budget projections which would more than double the CFTC staff over four years. The Commission is doing everything possible to ensure adequate, cost effective and efficient space for CFTC staff and operations.

The CFTC has reworked its leases in Washington, D.C. and Chicago to expand the size of its space, extend the terms of the leases, and renegotiate pricing in its favor. A new landlord and location were selected to permit the Kansas City office to expand. The Commission is currently engaged in a procurement effort to expand its space footprint in New York by fifty percent. The New York lease is set to expire in 2012.

Management continuously monitors space conditions and the specific timing and proposed location of each new hire. The Commission is making use of every square foot of space and has used less than ideal space to temporarily house staff as construction occurs within existing space. However, as the need arises, to ensure worker efficiency, the Commission may lease temporary office space or look to other management options, such as expanded telework arrangements to permit office sharing. As the need for interim solutions arises, management staff will work thorough the divisions and offices to achieve the best short-term solutions.

Technology Modernization

In FY 2010, the Commission invested $31 million or 19 percent of its resources to continue its focus on enhancing the Commission’s technology to keep pace with the futures marketplace by implementing:

Overview of Commission Performance

Performance measures are rated as: Exceeded, Met, Not Met, or Results not Demonstrated.

The chart below shows that the number of targets that were met or exceeded decreased nine percent over the FY 2009 results. This is due in part to a significant number of staffing resources that were reallocated from current authorities towards preparing for and implementing the new authorities under the Dodd-Frank Act in the last two quarters of the fiscal year.

CFTC Performance Results
(Total Number of Results: 51)
Fiscal Year Met/Exceeded Not Met Results Not
2006 88% 6% 3%
2007 91% 6% 3%
2008 81% 15% 2%
2009 85% 7% 4%
2010 76% 22% 2%


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