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Overview of Performance Management

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Photo showing CFTC staff. Photo by Jim Parcell Photography.

Success for CFTC

Public has confidence in futures markets and markets are open, competitive, and financially healthy.

The Mission: Why we do what we do

Diagram illustrating how the CFTC four goals help to protect the commodity futures markets from excessive speculation, fraud, manipulation, and market disruption.

Most Americans have a direct stake in the trillion dollar futures market through personal investments in securities, mutual funds, or pension funds tied to these markets. All Americans have an indirect stake, since these markets are critical to establishing prices from Wall Street to Main Street.

As the only entity with regulatory oversight across all U.S. commodity futures and option markets, the CFTC is committed to its mission of protecting the integrity of the futures markets.

The Performance Section, which details the Commission’s efforts to meet its strategic and performance goals is located in the FY 2010 Performance and Accountability Report (PAR) at


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