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Objective 3.1

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Objective 3.1
Identify and stop violations of the CEA and Commission regulations;
deter others from engaging in future misconduct.

The Commission identifies, investigates, and, where appropriate, takes action against parties alleged to have engaged in activities that violate the CEA or Commission regulations. The Commission anticipates that sources of investigatory leads and evidence material to prosecutions may increase following implementation of the Dodd-Frank Act whistleblower provisions. In addition to taking direct action against violators, the Commission uses cooperative enforcement, deterrence, and public education to protect market users, ensure market integrity, and deter future violative conduct.

Strategy 3.1.1 Investigate and prosecute potential violations of the CEA and Commission regulations.

The Commission investigates and prosecutes alleged violations of the CEA or Commission regulations. Individuals and firms subject to such actions may include those who are or should be registered with the Commission, market users who engage directly or indirectly in trading on any registered entity, those who improperly market commodity futures or option transactions, and those who engage in certain off-exchange transactions. The Commission prosecutes violations either through administrative actions before the Commission or civil actions before the Federal courts. The Commission has available to it a variety of sanctions against wrongdoers, including revocation or suspension of registration, prohibitions on futures trading, cease and desist orders, civil monetary penalties, and restitution orders. The Commission may seek Federal court injunctions, restraining orders, asset freezes, receiver appointments, and disgorgement orders. If evidence of criminal activity is found, matters are referred as appropriate to the U.S. Department of Justice or state authorities for prosecution of violations of the CEA or Federal and state criminal statutes, such as mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, as well as obstruction of justice and perjury.

Performance Measure Percentage of enforcement investigations concluded within one year of opening.
FY 2011 65%
FY 2012 70%
FY 2013 75%
FY 2014 75%
FY 2015 80%

Performance Measure The CFTC will bring claims in due recognition of the broadened enforcement mandate provided by the Dodd-Frank Act, and will seek proportionate remedies, including civil monetary penalties, undertakings, and restitution, that have the highest impact on and greatest deterrent effect against potential future violations.
FY 2011 TBD
FY 2012 TBD
FY 2013 TBD
FY 2014 TBD
FY 2015 TBD


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