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Goal Two Background and Context

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Strategic Goal Two
Protecting Market Users and the Public

The focus of the second goal is protection of the firms and individuals—market users—who come to the marketplace to fulfill their business and trading needs. Market users must be protected from possible wrongdoing on the part of the firms and commodity professionals with whom they deal to access the marketplace, and they must be confident that the marketplace is free of fraud, manipulation, and abusive trading practices.

The Commission has promulgated regulations that mandate appropriate disclosure and customer account reporting, as well as fair sales and trading practices by registrants. The Commission has also sought to maintain appropriate sales practices by screening the fitness of industry professionals and by requiring proficiency testing, continuing education, and supervision of these persons. Extensive record-keeping of all futures transactions is also required. Likewise, the Commission monitors compliance with those requirements and supervises the work of the exchanges and NFA in enforcing the regulations.

The Commission plays an important role in deterring behavior that could affect market users’ confidence by investigating and taking action against unscrupulous traders, entities, and others who engage in a wide variety of illegal activity, including, but not limited to, manipulation and fraudulent sales practices.

Last Updated: March 19, 2010