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Goal Four: Facilitate Commission performance through organizational and management excellence, efficient use of resources, and effective mission support.

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The fulfillment of the Commission’s mission and the achievement of our goals are tied to a foundation of sound management and organizational excellence. The Commission is committed to maintaining a well-qualified workforce supported by a modern support infrastructure that enables the Commission to achieve its programmatic goals. Building this foundation will require significant investment in people, management initiatives systems, and facilities.

In FY 2010, the Commission requests $31.5 million to fund its efforts to reach the following outcomes of Strategic Goal Four:

Breakout of Goal Four Request by Outcome

Table 12: Breakout of Goal Four Request by Outcome Objective
($ in thousands)
Goal Four Outcomes FY 2009 FY 2010 Change
FTE Budget
FTE Budget
4.1 A productive, technically competent, competitively compensated, and diverse workforce that takes into account current and future technical and professional needs of the Commission. $3,778 15 $3,897 15 $119 0
4.2 A modern and secure information system that reflects the strategic priorities of the Commission.1 7,570 30 8,456 33 886 3
4.3 An organizational infrastructure that efficiently and effectively responds to and anticipates both the routine and emergency business needs of the Commission. 3,778 15 3,897 15 119 0
4.4 Financial resources are allocated, managed, and accounted for in accordance with the strategic priorities of the Commission. 3,778 15 4,157 16 379 1
4.5 The Commission’s mission is fulfilled and goals are achieved through sound management and organizational excellence provided by executive leadership. 9,766 38 11,121 42 1,355 4
Total Goal Four $28,670 113 $31,528 121 $2,858 8
1Represents Office of Information Technology Services dollars and staff resources not otherwise allocated to Goals 1, 2, or 3. (back to text)
Last Updated: September 23, 2009