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A Message from the Chief Planning Officer

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Photo showing George Godding, Chief Planning Officer. Photo by Clark Day Photography.

I am pleased to present the CFTC's FY 2012 Annual Performance Report. The Commission's organizational performance management activities operate under the guidance of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act of 2010 as an independent agency.

I believe that assessing organizational performance and ensuring the best use of resources can be achieved using a number of different tools and methods, performance reporting being one of them. Equally important is a strategic vision grounded in leadership commitment to performance management.

In 2011, the Commission brought together a new Strategic Plan (FY 2011–2015), supported by a number of performance measures targeting both outputs and outcomes. While the Commission is required to formally communicate the success and challenges related to each measure annually, it has moved to a semi-annual review of performance information and will go to quarterly reviews in 2015.

The CFTC's commitment to performance-based management is also evident in the way we set expectations and hold managers accountable for program improvement and results. We evaluate performance based on the effective use of financial, material, and human resources to accomplish the goals of the Commission, its mission, offices, and programs.

We appreciate the opportunity to report to the American public on the results of FY 2012 performance and look forward to any feedback we may receive on how we can improve our reporting in the future.

Signature of George Godding.

George Godding
February 2013


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