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Completeness and Reliability of Performance Data

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The Commission understands the ongoing importance of having appropriate controls in place to ensure the completeness and reliability of performance information. We view this process as an evolutionary one, with improvements developing as budget and time allow. During the past fiscal year, the CFTC developed and implemented a new strategic plan, providing an opportunity for how the agency approaches the verification and validation of the performance measures within.

For FY 2011, the Commission relied on self-evaluation of those responsible for collecting and reporting performance information within each Division and Office. Agency program managers also monitor and maintain automated systems and databases that collect, track, and store data, with support provided by the CFTC's Office of Data and Technology (ODT). The Strategic and Operational Planning team within the Commission worked closely with those responsible for collecting data and performed an additional assessment of the internal controls in place, utilizing guidance from A-11 Section 230.13. While consistent with previous performance reporting efforts and other agencies, CFTC recognizes a need for improvement and a structured method of conducting enhanced verification and validation.

For FY 2012, the Strategic and Operational Planning team will develop a comprehensive Performance Data Verification and Validation Checklist. The checklist will be utilized by Division and Office staff as a structured method of self-evaluation for the controls in place for collecting and reporting performance information. Beginning FY 2012, it will be recommended that each Division and Office be required to affirm the internal controls in place, describe their specific procedures, and assess their level of adherence.


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