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Goal Four

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Goal Four—Enhance integrity of U.S. markets by engaging in cross-border cooperation, promoting strong international regulatory standards, and encouraging ongoing convergence of laws and regulation worldwide.

Goal Four Performance Summary
Exceeded Met Not Met
100% 0% 0%

Effective regulation requires international coordination and necessitates that the Commission cooperate with foreign market authorities to supervise U.S. markets and protect U.S. customers. Additionally, the Commission works closely with relevant international organizations to promote high-quality derivatives regulation worldwide and convergence where possible. The CFTC also provides technical assistance to emerging and recently-emerged markets to help these jurisdictions in establishing and implementing laws and regulations that foster global market integrity. Accomplishments include:

Goal Four performance measure results are depicted in the following table:

Goal Four Performance Results
  # of Measures1 Exceeded Met Not Met
Goal Four 3 3 0 0
% of Total   100% 0% 0%
  Left arrow. 100% Right arrow.  
1 Excludes 1 performance measure categorized as "Not Applicable" for FY 2011. (back to text)

See Goal Four Performance Measures, Analysis and Review for detailed performance analysis and review narrative for each associated measure.


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