External Meetings: Definitions Team Meeting with US Pension Plan Representatives


The meeting discussed the application of the major swap participant definition to pension funds, how pension funds would be subject to standards applicable with respect to "special entities" as defined in the Dodd Frank Act, and how the mandatory clearing requirement would apply to swaps entered into by pension funds.

II. Definitions

III. Business Conduct Standards w/ Counterparties

VI. Segregation and Bankruptcy

XVI. Swap Data Repositories Registration

CFTC Staff

Terry Arbit

Mark Fajfar

Julian Hammar


James Harshaw (GM)

Bella Sanevich (NISA)

Judy Schub (AFP)

Jan Jacobson (ABC)

Mark Young (S)

Maureen Donley (S)

Peter Malyshev (WS)


General Motors (GM)

Davis & Harman (DM)

NISA Investment Advisors (NISA)

Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)

Skadden (S)

American Benefits Council (ABC)

Winston & Strawn (WS)