External Meetings: Meeting with National Council of Farmer Cooperatives and other Agriculture Cooperative Groups

A group of agriculture producer cooperatives, led by the NCFC, discussed various issues surrounding the Dodd-Frank Act with the CFTC's Agricultural Swaps Team, Definitions Team, Capital and Margin Team, and the End User Exception Team.
II. Definitions

V. Capital & Margin

XI. End-user Exception

XIX. Agricultural Swaps

CFTC Staff
Don Heitman,

Ryne Miller,

Dave Johnson,

Christa Lachenmayr,

Jon DeBord,

Nicole Aulerich,

Thelma Diaz,

Jennifer Bauer,

John Paul Rothenberg,

Beverly Loew,

George Wilder,

Mark Fajfar,

Julian Hammar,

David Aron,

Greg Kuserk,

Rose Troia,

Somi Seong,

Katherine Driscoll,

Steve Kane,

Terry Arbit
Scott Cordes (CHS),

Karla Farnsworth (CHS),

Ed Gallagher (DFA),

Sam Stone (DFA),

Rob Huston (Growmark/ Agrivisor),

Chuck Spencer (Growmark),

Susan Grelling (LandO'Lakes),

Steve Krikava (Land O'Lakes),

Chuck Conner (National Council of Farmer Cooperatives),

Kevin Natz (National Council of Farmer Cooperatives)
CHS, Inc.,

Dairy Farmers of America (DFA),

Growmark/ Agrivisor,


National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC)