External Meetings: Goldman Sachs Meeting on Definitions

The meeting discussed the definition of Swap, the definition of Major Swap Participant as it would be applied to investment funds and managed accounts, and the types of activities encompassed by the definition of Swap Dealer.
II. Definitions

XXI. Joint Rules w/ SEC

CFTC Staff
Dave Aron

Jody Partridge

Steve Kane

Mark Fajfar

Terry Arbit

Julian Hammar

Katie Driscoll

Nela Richardson
Ken Connolly (Goldman Sachs)

Brad Levy (Goldman Sachs)

Steve Bunkin (Goldman Sachs)

Wendy Yun (Goldman Sachs)

Peter Malyshev (Winston & Strawn)

Tamara Brightwell (SEC)

Jack Habert (SEC)

David Dimitrious (SEC)

Cristie March (SEC)

Michael Reedich (SEC)

Leah Drennan (SEC)

Joshua Kans (SEC)

Jeff Dinwoodie (SEC)
Goldman Sachs

Winston & Strawn