External Meetings: Meeting with Goldman Sachs

Discussed various issues related to clearing.  Topics included an overview of central clearing in OTC markets, clearing house risk standards, documentation, and governance and ownership.
VII. DCO Core Principles

IX. Governance & Possible Limits

X. Systemically Important DCO Rules

CFTC Staff
Ananda Radhakrishnan

William Penner

John Lawton

Phyllis Dietz

Tom Smith

Robert Wasserman

Nancy Schnabel

Eileen Donovan

Sarah Josephson

Jordan O'Regan

Christopher Hower

Jonathan Lave
Ken Connolly (Goldman Sachs)

David Inggs (Goldman Sachs)

Dirk Pruis (Goldman Sachs)

Bonnie Litty (Goldman Sachs)

Michael Dawly (Goldman Sachs)

John William (Goldman Sachs)

Andy Hudis (Goldman Sachs)

Peter Maylshev (Winston & Strawn LLP)
Goldman Sachs