External Meetings: Meeting with Geneva Energy

External participants raised questions concerning requirements for capital for swap dealers and about SEFs under proposed rules issued by CFTC. In particular asked about capital requirements for possible CFTC registrants that clear all their swaps.
V. Capital & Margin

XIII. SEF Registration

CFTC Staff
Ananda Radhakrishnan

Tom Smith

Riva Spear Adriance

Mauricio Melara

Amir Zaidi

Thelma Diaz

Beverly Loew

Todd Prono

John Paul Rothenberg
Mark Vonderheide (Geneva Energy)

Robert Creamer (Geneva Trading)

Jeffrey Ramsey (Geneva Trading)

De'Ana Dow (Ogilvy)
Geneva Energy Markets LLC (Geneva Energy)

Geneva Trading USA LLC (Geneva Trading)

Ogilvy Government Relations (Ogilvy)