External Meetings: Meeting with American Bankers Securities Association

Participants discussed Commission proposal on Uncleared Margin.
V. Capital & Margin

CFTC Staff
Tim Massad, Lawranne Stewart, Ward P. Griffin
Douglas Preiser, (Key Bank National Association); Shawn Feeney, (Citigroup); Kenneth Miller, (BofA); Jeff Ellis, (BMO Financial Group); Craig Messinger, (Bank of New York Mellon Corp.); Kevin Stone, (Brown Brothers Harriman & Co.); Jeffrey Brown, (Charles Schwab & Co.); Stuart Clarke, (Deutsche Bank Americas Corp.); Mark Brown, (Fifth Third Bancorp); David Hemingway, (Zions First National Bank); Cecelia Calaby, (ABASA); Cristeena Naser, (ABASA); Jason Shafer, (ABASA); Johnaa’ Spruill-Flemming, (ABASA); Phoebe Papgeorgiou, (ABASA); Scott Kleinman, (ABASA)
American Bankers Securities Association