Public Statements & Remarks

August 20, 2010

Statement at the Joint CFTC-SEC Public Roundtable

Commissioner Bart Chilton

“These roundtables will provide a unique opportunity to gather the opinions and options of people involved in the markets we regulate and those we’ll now be overseeing. The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is all about transparency and a transparent process for implementing it is critical to getting it done right. If there’s one thing we learned from the financial meltdown a few years ago, it’s that we need to bring more common sense to financial markets, and mitigate the risky behaviors and conflicts of interest that led to crippling our financial system. That’s why these roundtables are so important.  That common sense will come from not only those who are involved in markets but the consumers who rely on them.

In the near future, the agency will be accepting official comments through the federal register process. This is different than how government usually works in that we will accept these public comments before we actually offer a proposal. That process, along with these meetings and other venues for public input will be invaluable as we move forward."

Last Updated: August 20, 2010