April 20, 2010

CFTC Approves Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P. and Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P.

Washington, DC – The U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) today approved the applications of Cantor Futures Exchange, L.P. for designation as a contract market and Cantor Clearinghouse, L.P. to be registered as a derivatives clearing organization.  The Commodity Exchange Act requires the Commission to approve such applications if the applicant meets criteria enumerated in the Act.

Cantor also has requested approval from the CFTC of a contract related to domestic motion picture box office receipts.  The Commission is still considering that contract.  Moreover, given the novel nature of the contract that Cantor has proposed trading, the CFTC has requested, and Cantor has agreed, that rather than self-certifying such contract, Cantor will submit all new classes or categories of media-related contracts it intends to list for approval by the Commission.  The Commission has not approved the trading of any futures or options related to box office receipts at this time.

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