Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting December 8, 1999
Meeting to discuss Commission’s approval of final rules that permit futures exchanges to list new contracts for trading and subsequently to amend those contracts pursuant to exchange certification without prior Commission approval. Full details, including agenda, here.
CFTC Roundtable on Technology
CFTC Hearing Room – Washington , DC
Global Markets Advisory Committee Meeting July 21, 1999
Meeting to discuss proposals for regulatory relief on new contract market designations and rule changes, proposes resolutions and a report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Regulatory Parity, and IOSCO update. Full details here.
Global Markets Advisory Committee Meeting May 12, 1999
Meeting to discuss the proposal to withdraw the Commission’s proposed rules governing access to automated boards of trade, lift the moratorium on consideration of non-action requests for placement of foreign terminals in the U.S., and review requests for non-action relief on a cases by case basis. Full details here.
Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting
Meeting to discuss risk management strategies and the agricultural trade options pilot program. Full details, including agenda, here.
Global Markets Advisory Committee Meeting December 9, 1998
Meeting to discuss impediments to cross-border business, IOSCO initiatives, and placement of electronic trading terminals. Full details here.
Agricultural Advisory Committee Meeting August 12, 1998
Meeting to discuss Commission’s agricultural trade options pilot program and pending rulemaking proposals including speculative position limits. Full details, including agenda, here.