Federal Register, Volume 79 Issue 87 (Tuesday, May 6, 2014)  
[Federal Register Volume 79, Number 87 (Tuesday, May 6, 2014)]
[Page 25844]
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Market Risk Advisory Committee

AGENCY: Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

ACTION: Notice of establishment of the Market Risk Advisory Committee.


SUMMARY: In accordance with the Federal Advisory Committee Act (FACA), 
5 U.S.C. App. 2, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Commission) 
announces the establishment of the Market Risk Advisory Committee 
(MRAC). The Commission has determined that the establishment of MRAC is 
necessary and in the public's interest. No earlier than fifteen (15) 
days following the date of the publication of this notice, the MRAC 
Charter will be filed with the Commission, the Senate Committee on 
Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry, the House Committee on 
Agriculture, the Library of Congress, and the General Services 
Administration's Committee Management Secretariat.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Heather C. Gottry, Commodity Futures 
Trading Commission, Three Lafayette Centre, 1155 21st Street NW., 
Washington, DC 20581; (202) 418-5774.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The MRAC's purpose will be to advise the 
Commission on matters of public concern to the Commission, 
clearinghouses, exchanges, intermediaries, market makers, and end-users 
regarding systemic issues that threaten the stability of the 
derivatives markets and other financial markets, and to assist the 
Commission in identifying and understanding the impact and implications 
of an evolving market structure and movement of risk across 
clearinghouses, intermediaries, market makers and end-users. The MRAC 
will also monitor and advise the Commission on the effects that 
developments in the structure of the derivatives markets have on the 
systemic issues that threaten the stability of the derivatives markers 
and other financial markets. Further, the MRAC will make 
recommendations to the Commission on how to improve market structure 
and mitigate risk to support the Commission's mission of ensuring the 
integrity of the derivatives markets and monitoring and managing 
systemic risk. The MRAC will be a continuing advisory committee with an 
initial two-year term that will automatically expire two years from the 
date of the charter filing, unless renewed prior to the expiration. 
MRAC is expected to have approximately twenty to twenty-five (20-25) 
members, including the Chair, with a high-level of expertise and 
experience in the derivatives and financial markets and the 
Commission's regulation of such markets, including from a historical 
perspective. Membership in the MRAC is limited to the individuals 
appointed and is non-transferrable. No person who is a Federally-
registered lobbyist may serve on the MRAC. MRAC members will not 
receive compensation or travel reimbursements from the Commission.

    Dated: May 1, 2014.
Melissa D. Jurgens,
Secretary of the Commission.
[FR Doc. 2014-10325 Filed 5-5-14; 8:45 am]