Innovation Competitions

LabCFTC has launched a Science Prize Competition, to challenge fintech innovators to use technology to create a tool that to will automate a CFTC initiative. Under the Science Prize Competition Act, the CFTC may hold a competition and award prizes, including non-monetary prizes and prizes in partnership with external organizations, in order to stimulate innovation designed to advance CFTC’s goals.

For any questions, contact the LabCFTC team at [email protected] with subject line including the name of the competition. LabCFTC and/or CFTC staff will respond or provide guidance as appropriate.



Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s (CFTC) and LabCFTC’s Project Streetlamp competition to deploy technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to help the CFTC identify foreign entities that may be engaged in conduct that requires registration, but which have not registered.


Start Date:  April 21, 2020

End Date:  September 4, 2020