CFTC Organization

Division of Market Oversight

Aaron Brodsky, Senior Counsel to the Director
Rachel Reicher, Chief Counsel
Nancy Markowitz, Deputy Director, Market Review Branch
Meghan Tente, Acting Deputy Director, Product Review Branch
Rachel Berdansky, Deputy Director, Compliance Branch
Richard Mo, Acting Associate Director, Data and Reporting Branch
Mel Gunewardena, Chief Market Intelligence Officer, Market Intelligence Branch

Division of Market Oversight – Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Market Oversight (DMO) is to foster open, transparent, fair, competitive and secure markets through clear rules and effective oversight of derivatives markets and market participants. DMO seeks to be the world’s foremost authority on the rapidly evolving derivatives markets.

Guiding Principles

1. Enhance U.S. derivatives markets. We strive to promote fair, efficient and vibrant markets and a sound market structure.

2. Speak with one voice. We seek to put forth clear and unified messages to the marketplace to provide regulatory certainty.

3. Be forward-thinking and embrace innovation. We strive to develop policies and regulations that encourage innovation in the derivatives markets. We seek to promote continuous learning within the division to keep up with marketplace innovations.

4. Think practically. We seek to develop policies and regulations that are straightforward and practical.

5. Make informed policy. We strive to conduct high quality, cutting edge analysis using internal and external data to inform sound policymaking at the Commission and promote fair, efficient and vibrant markets and a sound market structure.

6. Promote teamwork and collaboration. We strive to work collaboratively with both other Commission employees and, where appropriate, outside parties, in order to reach the best possible outcome.

7. Develop our intellectual capital. We strive to raise everyone’s knowledge base and create a supportive work environment.

8. Practice integrity, transparency and respect. We seek to promote integrity, transparency and respect in DMO and in all of our dealings with the public.