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Objective 4.1

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Objective 4.1
Cooperate and coordinate with domestic and foreign regulatory authorities.

Events taking place in markets outside the United States may affect U.S. markets. Additionally, entities under the Commission’s jurisdiction may be subject to oversight by other domestic or foreign authorities. Cooperating and coordinating with these authorities, including the development of information sharing arrangements, supports the Commission’s regulatory efforts in the United States by helping to identify and address potential systemic or other risks that may impact U.S. markets, strengthening the Commission’s supervision of global entities, and enhancing the Commission’s cross-border enforcement efforts. International information and data standards will improve data consistency and quality, allowing regulators to more quickly identify cross-border issues and risk. The Commission has a long history of working with foreign authorities and will continue to develop supervisory cooperation arrangements with foreign authorities in order to facilitate the exchange of information and coordinate supervision of duly regulated or recognized entities.

Strategy 4.1.1 Develop arrangements for expeditious cooperation with foreign governments.

The CFTC regularly communicates with foreign authorities to coordinate and collaborate on supervision, regulation, policy approaches, and enforcement matters. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, the expansion of the CFTC’s regulatory oversight to cover OTC derivatives may increase the frequency of consultations with foreign governments. In addition, Section 752 of the Dodd-Frank Act encourages the CFTC to enter into information sharing arrangements with foreign regulators. The Commission will therefore develop new arrangements contemplated under the Dodd-Frank Act and, once such arrangements are in place, the Commission will cooperate with foreign jurisdictions pursuant to the terms of such arrangements.

In addition to its regulatory efforts, the Commission works extensively with its international partners to sustain and encourage cooperative relationships in an enforcement context. The Commission will continue to assist and cooperate with international authorities.

Performance Measure Days allotted for acknowledgment of incoming requests for enforcement assistance from the CFTC’s international counterparts pursuant to information sharing arrangements.
FY 2011 5 Days
FY 2012 4 Days
FY 2013 3 Days
FY 2014 2 Days
FY 2015 2 Days

Performance Measure Regular issuance of outgoing international requests for enforcement assistance and referrals made by the CFTC to foreign regulators pertaining to matters involving their jurisdictions.
FY 2011 TBD
FY 2012 TBD
FY 2013 TBD
FY 2014 TBD
FY 2015 TBD


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