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Justification of Increase: Commission-Wide Management and Administrative Support

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Commission-Wide Management and Administrative Support (6 FTE, $1.470 million)

The Commission’s expanded statutory mandate and accompanying resources requires a related expansion in critical planning and resource management functions.  In FY 2012, the Commission will re-engineer its financial management processes to enhance funds control, increase the planning and predictability of its spending, and facilitate priority-driven resource allocation.  Based on the outcome of these planned activities and its increased resources, the Commission requests one additional FTE with budget and resource management skills.

To support its expanded workforce, the Commission requests five additional FTE, with skills sets encompassing:

These additional resources will provide the Commission with an enhanced ability to streamline its processes, prudently invest and implement automated solutions, and comply with Federal regulatory and legal requirements to ensure the effective, efficient allocation and use of Commission resources. (6 FTE, $1.470 million)


Organizationally, the Commission’s management direction and administrative support increases will support the Commission-wide requirements through two program areas:

Management Direction and Administrative Support Increases by Program
($ in thousands)
Program FTE Pay
Executive Direction 6.00 $1,470 $0 $1,470
Total 6.00 $1,470 $0 $1,470


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