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Goal Two CFTC Strategy Mapping

Table Of Contents

FY 2010 Goal Two Resource Investment by Outcome Objective

Figure 9: Goal Two Resource Strategy Mapping
($ in millions)
Goal Two Outcomes Investment
FTEs Investment
2.1 Violations Detected and Prevented $32.1 119 20%
2.2 Commodity Professionals Meet High Standards $6.6 25 4%
2.3 Customer are Handled Effectively and Expeditiously $4.1 16 3%

Outcome Objectives and Annual Performance Goals

Outcome 2.1 – Violations of Federal laws concerning futures and option contracts are detected and prevented.

Outcome 2.2 – Commodity professionals meet high standards.

Outcome 2.3 – Customer complaints against persons or firms registered under the Act are handled effectively and expeditiously.

Last Updated: September 23, 2009