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Outcome Objective 4.5

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Outcome Objective 4.5: The Commission’s mission is fulfilled and goals are achieved through sound management and organizational excellence provided by executive leadership.

Performance Measure 4.5.1

Performance Measure 4.5.1: Percentage of 18 Strategic Plan priorities that are on track to completion by FY 2012.
Status: Effective
Data Source: Pilot operating plans related to IT (Strategic Priority 1.1) and human capital (Strategic Priority 4.3).
Verification: Not applicable at pilot stage; however pilot operating plans related to IT (Strategic Priority 1.1) and human capital (Strategic Priority 4.3) are available for review.
FY 2006
FY 2007
FY 2008
FY 2009
FY 2009
N/A N/A 100% 25% 25%

Lead Program Office

Office of Executive Director (OED)

Performance Analysis & Review

The Commission is on track for completion by the end of FY 2012 of the Strategic Priorities outlined in the Strategic Plan.

During FY 2009, OED developed operating plans for two Strategic Priorities that will serve as a model for the remaining strategic priorities. Additionally, OED, working with the Division of Market Oversight and external consultants, conducted a comprehensive overview of the CFTC market oversight and market surveillance program, which resulted in a modernization operating plan. The objectives of the operating plans are: to provide a blueprint to managers for developing effective, efficient approaches to structuring operating plans for programmatic (mission) or operational (mission support) priorities; and to assist managers in articulating short-term strategies for achieving strategic priorities in the face of ongoing changes in both mission authorities and budgetary resources. Additionally, the plans assist managers in adopting business processes that address governance needs and provide streamlined documentation to measure progress in executing plans in order to ensure priories are ultimately achieved.

Performance Highlights

Initially, the agency developed strategic operating plans for IT strategic priority 1.1 and human capital strategic priority 4.3.

CFTC then expanded its efforts to develop a modernization blueprint for market oversight and surveillance that covers Strategic Theme 1: CFTC must act in real time to address how the markets are functioning and evolving.

The CFTC introduced a Business Planning and Evaluation function in OED, and CFTC is recruiting business managers within its divisions and major offices to assist with business planning.