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Introduction to Strategic Goal Four

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The Commission’s ability to meet its strategic program goals depends on excellent management of its human capital, technology, and financial resources. Management excellence means hiring, retaining, and developing a professionally competent and driven workforce with the technical skills and resources to achieve mission success. In addition, management excellence provides the executive leadership required to accomplish the agency’s strategic goals and to continue agency function under emergency condition.

Performance Results for Goal Four

Skilled management of human capital, technology, and financial resources provides the foundation for achievement of all strategic goals. Resources are always limited, and the process of allocating and managing those resources in a way that provides the best return to the public are critical.

The following table summarizes the FY 2009 investment and overall performance results for Strategic Goal Four. In addition, FY 2009 performance results are compared against the FY 2009 targets and FY 2008 actual results.

Strategic Goal FOUR
Facilitate Commission performance through organizational and management excellence,
efficient use of resources, and effective mission support.
Annual Performance Goal FOUR
Recruit, retain, and develop a skilled and diversified staff to keep pace with attrition and
anticipated losses due to retirement.
Budget Authority Performance Results Percentage
Met/Exceeded 83%
Not Met 11%
Not met but improved over prior years 6%
Results not demonstrated N/A
2009 Performance Results
by Outcome Objectives and Performance Measure
Outcome Objectives and Performance Measures Met/Not Met Change (+/-) from
2009 Target
Change (+/-) from
2008 Actual
4.1 Productive, technically competent, competitively compensated, and diverse workforce that takes into account current and future technical and professional needs of the Commission.
4.1.1. Percentage of fiscal year program development objectives met under CFTC pay for performance authority. Met 0% 0%
4.1.2. Average number of days between close of vacancy announcement and job offer, per Federal standards of 45 days or less. Not Met +12 -2
4.1.3. Rate of employee turnover, exclusive of retirements. Exceeded -1.7% -0.5%
4.1.4. Percentage of employees in mission-critical positions rating themselves at “extensive” or higher level of expertise on Strategic Workforce Planning Survey. Not Met -12% -35%
4.1.5. Percentage of underrepresented groups among new hires. Not Met -3% +1%
4.2 Modern and secure information system that reflects the strategic priorities of the Commission.
4.2.1. Percentage of CFTC information technology resources directly tied to Commission resource priorities as stated in the Strategic Plan. Met 0% 0%
4.2.2. Percentage of major information technology investments having undergone an investment review within the last three years. Met 0% 0%
4.2.3. Percentage of Customer Support Center inquiries resolved within established performance metrics. Exceeded +20% +16%
4.2.4. Percentage of employees with network availability. Met 0% 0%
4.2.5. Percentage of employees who require remote network availability that have it. Met 0% 0%
4.2.6. Percentage of major systems and networks certified and accredited in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidance. Met 0% 0%
4.2.7. Percentage of information technology E-Government initiatives on target for compliance with implementation schedule. Met 0% 0%
4.2.8. Percentage of network users who have completed annual security and privacy training. Exceeded +1% 0%
4.3 Organizational infrastructure that efficiently and effectively responds to and anticipates both the routine and emergency business needs of the Commission.
4.3.1. Number of hours required to deploy staff and begin mission essential functions at the Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) site. Met 0 -12
4.4 Financial resources are allocated, managed, and accounted for in accordance with the strategic priorities of the Commission.
4.4.1. Audit opinion of the Commission’s annual financial statements as reported by the CFTC’s external auditors. Met No
4.4.2. Number of material internal control weaknesses reported in the Performance and Accountability Report. Met 0 0
4.4.3. Number of non-compliance disclosures in the audit report. Met 0 0
4.5 Commission’s mission is fulfilled and goals are achieved through sound management and organizational excellence provided by executive leadership.
4.5.1. Percentage of 18 Strategic Plan priorities that are on track to completion by FY 2012. Met 0% -75%