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Goal Two

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Goal Two—Protect the public and market participants by ensuring the financial integrity of derivatives transactions, mitigation of systemic risk, and the fitness and soundness of intermediaries and other registrants.

Goal Two Performance Summary
Met Not Met
27% 73%

In fostering financially sound markets, the Commission's main priorities are to avoid disruptions to the system for clearing and settling contract obligations and to protect the funds that customers entrust to FCMs. Clearing organizations and FCMs are integral to the financial integrity of derivatives transactions—together, they protect against the financial difficulties of one trader becoming a systemic problem. Several aspects of the regulatory framework that contribute to the Commission achieving Goal Two are: 1) requiring that market participants post margin to secure their ability to fulfill financial obligations; 2) requiring participants on the losing side of trades to meet their obligations, in cash, through daily (sometimes intraday) margin calls; 3) requiring FCMs to maintain minimum levels of operating capital; and, 4) requiring FCMs to segregate customer funds from their own funds.

Accomplishments related to progress in achieving this goal include:

Goal Two performance measure results are depicted in the following table:

Goal Two Performance Results
  # of Measures1 Met Not Met
Goal Two 15 4 11
% of Total   27% 73%
1 Excludes three performance measures categorized as "Not Applicable" for FY 2012. (back to text)


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