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Note 3. Investments, Net

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In fiscal year 2012, the CFTC began investing amounts deposited in the Customer Protection Funds in overnight short-term Treasury securities. Treasury overnight certificates of indebtedness are issued with a stated rate of interest to be applied to their par amount, mature on the business day immediately following their issue date, are redeemed at their par amount at maturity, and have interest payable at maturity.

The Commission may invest in other short-term or long-term Treasury securities at management's discretion.

The overnight certificates are Treasury securities whose interest rates or prices are determined based on the interest rates or prices of Treasury-related financial instruments issued or trading in the market, rather than on the interest rates or prices of outstanding marketable Treasury securities.

On September 30, 2012, the Commission's investments totaled $77,135,901 with interest earned of $12,918.


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