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Strategic Goal Five

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Strategic Goal Five

Promote Commission excellence through executive direction and leadership, organizational and individual performance management, and effective management of resources.

Photo showing a compass with the word 'leadership' running across the top.

Net Cost: $25.7 Million

Staffing: 85 FTE

Strategic Goal Five addresses those areas that enable the Commission to execute its mission of protecting market users and the public from fraud, manipulation, and abusive practices. Excellence in this area is reflected in strong and focused planning and governance, top notch information technology and infrastructure, superb facilities, efficient execution of resources, and an educated and productive workforce. FY 2012 proved exceptionally challenging as financial resources grew slower than mission needs causing CFTC to carefully prioritize requirements to meet Dodd-Frank Act initiatives while maintaining excellence monitoring the futures market. The key results summarize CFTC's mission support strategy.

Goal Five Key Results

Information Technology


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