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Commission at a Glance: Our People

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CFTC Staff
Staff Type Number
Program Staff 78%
Management and Support Staff 22%

Collectively, the Commission employs 703 full-time permanent employees that comprise 549 programmatic staff (attorneys, economists, auditors, risk and trade analysts, and other financial specialists) and 154 management and support staff to accomplish five strategic goals and nine key mission activities in the regulation of commodity futures, options and swaps.

Personnel by Position Type

Among the full-time personnel, the majority of Commission staff is analytical professionals with strong academic records and specialized skills in the commodities industry.

CFTC Personnel by Position Type
Position Type Number
Attorney 261
Economist 61
Data Analyst 11
Trade Practice Analyst 19
Futures Trading Investigator 62
Risk Analyst 37
Auditor 42
IT Specialist 56
Management Professional 87
Clerical 21
Executive 46

Photo showing a balance scale.

Attorneys across the CFTC's divisions and offices represent the Commission in administrative and civil proceedings, assist U.S. Attorneys in criminal proceedings involving violations of the CEA, develop regulations and policies governing clearinghouses, exchanges and intermediaries, and monitor compliance with applicable rules. In response to the globalization of the derivatives markets, attorneys represent the CFTC internationally in multilateral regulatory organizations and in bilateral initiatives with individual foreign regulators. Commission attorneys also participate in country dialogues organized by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Much of the Commission's legal work involves complex and novel issues.

Photo showing a magnifying glass over a financial chart.

Auditors, Risk Analysts, Trade Practice Analysts, and Attorneys examine records and operations of derivatives exchanges, clearinghouses, and intermediaries for compliance with the provisions of the CEA and the Commission's regulations. Derivatives trading investigators and specialists perform regulatory and compliance oversight to detect potential fraud, market manipulations and trade practice violations. Risk analysts also perform analyses, which include stress testing, to evaluate financial risks at the trader, firm, and clearinghouse levels.

Photo showing a financial chart.

Economists and Data Analysts monitor trading activities and price relationships in derivatives markets to detect and deter price manipulation and other potential market disruptions. These analysts also monitor compli-ance with position limits. Economists and analysts evaluate filings for new derivatives contracts and amendments to existing contracts to ensure that they meet the Commission's statutory and regulatory standards. Economists also analyze the economic effect of various Commission and industry actions and events, evaluate policy issues and advise the Commission accordingly.

Photo showing a flow chart.

Management Professionals support the CFTC mission by performing strategic planning, information technology, human resources, staffing, training, accounting, budgeting, contracting, procurement, and other management operations.


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