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In the Matter of
CFTC Docket No. 90-20

On February 8, 2000, the Commission received a petition from Craig J. LaCrosse. The petition requests the Commission to reduce the term of a five-year trading prohibition imposed in January 1997.1 In addition, the petition requests the Commission to permit LaCrosse to register as a floor trader.2 LaCrosse supported his petition with an affidavit from Thomas R. Donovan, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Board of Trade ("CBOT") and a statement indicating that CBOT agrees to supervise LaCrosse should the Commission grant him restricted registration as a floor trader.

On February 15, 2000, the Commission received a motion from the Division of Enforcement (the "Division") seeking leave to respond to LaCrosse's petition. The Division's motion notes that LaCrosse's request for a reduction in the term of his trading ban may raise procedural issues of first impression under Section 9(b) of the Commodity Exchange Act ("Act"). The motion questions the basis for LaCrosse's request for floor trader registration and notes that LaCrosse has not followed the established procedures for applying for registration as a floor trader.

LaCrosse's petition arises in an anomalous procedural context and may raise important issues of first impression. In these circumstances, the Division's request for 30 days to prepare a response is granted. Pending further consideration of the appropriate procedures for resolving the issues LaCrosse's petition raises, this matter will be governed by Part 10 of the Commission's Rules. The General Counsel (and any person under his direction that he designates) may exercise the authority described in 17 C.F.R. 10.109.


By the Commission (Chairman RAINER and Commissioners HOLUM, SPEARS, NEWSOME and ERICKSON).

Jean A. Webb
Secretary of the Commission
Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Dated: March 7, 2000

1 In re LaCrosse, [1996-1998 Transfer Binder] Comm. Fut. L. Rep. (CCH) 26,944 at 44,576 (CFTC Jan. 21, 1997) ("LaCrosse II").

2 The Commission revoked LaCrosse's registration as a floor broker in LaCrosse II.