U.S. Futures Exchange, LLC (USFE) Contract Market Designation Application

Application Submissions, Public Comments Received & Approval Documents

Date Application Received: September 16, 2003

Date of CFTC Approval: February 4, 2004

Application Submissions

overview , regulatory chart, bylaws , rules , membership application (individual), membership application (company), membership agreement, user guide, front end operations guide, front end installation guide, information manual and system overview, responses to CFTC technical questionnaire, security coordinator manual, response to questions; revised rules as of 12/5/03; redline version of revised rules; corporate affiliation chart; 2nd response to questions; revised rules as of 12/18/03; revised membership agreement; 3rd response to questions; revised rules as of 1/22/04; revised bylaws as of 1/22/04; 4th response to questions; revised rules as of 1/29/04;

Comments Received

Hynes; Gagel; FIA ; CBT ; CBT Appendices; CME ; Bauer ; Interactive Brokers; NFA ; DRW Holdings; USFE response to comments; rhoades ; young ; CBT 2nd Comment; CBT Attachment to 2nd Comment; Weaver ; Celtic ; Duzenman ; Atlantic Metals; Bernicky ; Richards ; Zapffe ; Rowley ; Weiner ; US Treasury; Federal Reserve; Fox ; Neubauer ; Knight ; CBT 3rd comment; Managed Funds Assoc.; CME 2nd comment; Schwartz & Wolf; Lothian ; Atlantic Metals 2nd comment; Heinz ; FTC ; FTC, Muris; Dugan ; Zagotta ; Stern ; Joint Industry; Richards 2nd Comment; Morelli ; Spencer ; Fisher ; Mondrus ; Hally; Levin

Approval Documents

Staff Memorandum

Order of Designation and Letter to USFE

Transcript of Commission's February 4, 2004 Meeting to Consider the USFE Application