HedgeStreet, Inc. (HS) Contract Market Designation Application

HedgeStreet, Inc. (HS) Contract Market Designation Application
Application Submissions & Public Comments Received

Date Application Received: March 13, 2001

Date of CFTC Approval: February 18, 2004

Application Submissions (non-intermediated market):
rules, regulatory chart, revised rules as of 12/19/03; redline version of revised rules; revised regulatory chart as of 12/19/03

Comments Received
CBT; CME; Howard; Shiller; Hedgestreet; Yee

Approval Documents
Staff Memorandum
Letter to HS and Order of Designation

Request for Approval of Intermediated Market (iMarket)

Date Request Received: September 6, 2005

Date Approved: December 5, 2005

Submissions for iMarket
revised cover sheet; revised chart of designation criteria; revised Chart of Compliance with Core Principles; revised HS rules (redline); revised HS Rules; request for approval letter

Comments Received: none

Approval Documents
Letter to HS and Revised Order of Designation